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Ant Removal San DiegoDo you have an ant problem at your San Diego home or business? Critter Gitters is the solution to your ant problem. We are a licensed pest control company serving the greater San Diego area. Critter Gitters provides affordable and practical solutions to residents in the greater San Diego area. Call us today to schedule your pest control services.

Ants account for a large number of the pest control service calls we receive. Ants are certainly one of the most disliked in the San Diego area.

They may not be the most feared pest that you will find on the list of pests. But, perhaps they should be. Most people are shocked to find out that ants kill five times the amount of people as spiders each year in the United States. Not only are ants more deadly, but they are the most populous insect in the United States. There are over 200 different ant species in Southern California alone. While no one has done a full audit on the number of ants worldwide, the estimated total may range from 10-100 trillion. That’s a lot of ants!

The most common type we encounter is the Argentine species. Argentine ants will have more queens than a typical ant colony. Therefore, they produce more ants than other types of ant colonies. The individual colonies do not compete with one another like other species of ants. The Argentine ants work together, which makes them more cumbersome to eliminate. They have a strength-in-numbers philosophy which is why we see so many of them. While they are not aggressive like fire ant species, the Argentine ant is still a nuisance that can spread food-borne illnesses. Like many other ant species, they will eat pet food, sweet drinks, desserts, meat, and dead insects.

Fire ant species are more than a nuisance. They have the potential to be deadly. When fire ants bite, they release venom into your body. Their venom can cause some people to have a severe allergic reaction.

San Diego AntsSome individuals can even go into what is called anaphylaxis. People who are allergic to ant venom (Solenopsin) can have a very immediate reaction requiring hospitalization. Reactions can range from swelling, itching to anaphylactic shock. Most people are unaware that they are allergic to fire ants the first time they get bit. Small children are particularly susceptible to severe allergic reactions.

If you suspect you have a fire ant nest on your property, do not attempt to remove it or touch it. Fire ants are highly aggressive.

They will attack anything that comes into contact with their nest or the surrounding area. There are several reasons ants create mounds. The primary reason an ant colony will build a pile of dirt above their nest is to regulate their colony’s temperature. This mound creates ideal moisture and temperature conditions for ant pupae and larvae after heavy rains. The second reason ants may create an above-ground mound is to clear out tunnels below ground. Regardless of the reason, it is important not to upset the ant mound or the surrounding areas. Doing so may cause severely painful and potentially deadly ant bites.

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