Gopher Removal San Diego

Gopher Removal San Diego

Critter Gitters continues to service and satisfy hundreds of San Diego residents in need of gopher removal and control services. We specialize in Homeowner Associations pest and gopher services. Many communities have beautiful and sensitive landscaped areas. Residents of these communities don’t want to see their common areas destroyed by pest gophers. Gophers cause significant damage and costly repairs. Residents also are very guarded when gophers begin to leach onto their properties and start the destruction. We have the experience, licensing and knowledge to handle a gopher problem.

About Gophers

Gophers are small rodents that spend most of their lives underground. They create very obvious signs of their presence. While traveling, they dig in front of them resulting in a path of tunnels you can see in landscaped areas. Horseshoe shaped mounds will indicate the head of one tunnel. Gophers like leafy greens often found in landscaped areas. However, they will also feed on the liquid roots of other plants. They can consume precious landscape items without ever being seen. Gophers can pull plants down into their tunnel instead of coming out. Since their teeth grow constantly, they will also gnaw circles in the base of trees.

Critter Gitters Gopher Removal San Diego

Affected Vegetation, Plants and Trees

Gophers are plant and tree root-eaters. They can destroy an entire tree, kill the grass and store garden parts into their tunnels for nutrition purposes.

San Diego Gophers

Gopher Eradication

Immediately respond to the first sign of gopher presence. Delaying a treatment plan will only lead to further concern and loss. A vigilant homeowner should take action the first day he sees a mound. A trapping program or gassing process can cease a gopher population. However there are factors that can pose challenge. If your landscape areas are adjacent to open fields, golf course, and common areas, this can invite an ongoing gopher problem. A regular trapping program will control a gopher problem over time. Daily to weekly visits may be necessary to gain control. Gassing of the tunnel systems will create a quick knock down of gopher presence.

This is only allowed where the product label permits and should only be done by licensed professionals!

We document the areas of infestation. Then treat and rake down the gopher mounds. This allows a tracking of the activity and path of travel. Once gopher control is experienced we can reduce the service visits. We are vigilant in gaining control!

Gopher Damage

Gophers damage more than vegetation. People and pets can hurt themselves if they step into a gopher hole. We especially see this in public parks and on ball fields. Gophers also gnaw through water, underground conduit or cable lines, causing expensive damage at times.

Critter Gitters gopher removal is quick, humane, and professional. Call now at 619-820-8993.