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Need skunk removal San Diego residents? Do you smell a pungent odor from inside or around your house? Are there holes going under your deck, shed, or porch? You might have skunks living in your home or on your property. San Diego has a large skunk population and while many times they can be seen in the middle of the night passing through your yard, many people don’t realize that skunks can take up residence in their homes. If you smell the spray of a skunk multiple nights in a row, this is a good sign that skunks have taken up residence on your property.

Sick Skunks

If you see a skunk in the daytime or if it looks disheveled, this skunk could be sick or infected with rabies. Call a professional immediately and keep your pets and family members away from the skunk until help arrives. The skunk could become aggressive so do not try to approach it on your own. Needless to say you should call a skunk removal company if you see a skunk around your home regularly. However a skunk is one of the biggest carriers of the rabies virus and you should never interact with a skunk. You should also never leave food outdoors for your pets. If one of your pets merely comes in contact with skunk saliva it too can be infected with rabies. One of the most common ways pets become infected with rabies is through a shared food source with a skunk, raccoon or other wild animal.

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A Skunky Smell

San Diego Skunk Spraying

Skunks are very well known for the natural deterrent their body produces to fend off predators. This pungent spray is produced from glands located beneath the skunk’s large, striped tail. To use this defense mechanism, a skunk will turn its back on the target before deploying its foul spray. This mist can travel up to ten feet! While causing no actual damage to any victim, it provides a strong warning to stay away and leave the skunk alone.

If you have ever smelled a skunk you know that you certainly do not want to be sprayed by a skunk. If you do have the terribly unfortunate experience of being sprayed by a skunk you will of course notice that the smell is terrible but you will also find out that it is extremely hard to remove. The reason skunks spray smells so bad is because they contain a series of sulfurous compounds called thiols that mix together to form a substance called Mercaptan. These thiols have a terrible smell and also mix with another chemical compound that helps the smell stick to whatever it touches. These same chemical compounds are used to help cologne and perfume stick to clothing long after it is applied. This is why when you or a pet gets sprayed by a skunk the smell lingers for long after the thiols have been washed away.

If you have been sprayed it is important to remove any clothing that has been sprayed before you enter your home and discard it. If you look online you will see dozens if not hundreds of suggestions to remove the skunk smell. You will see recommendations from bathing in tomato juice to pouring hydrogen peroxide on yourself. We have had experience with being sprayed by a skunk or two and have learned from experience the best product we have found for removing the smell skunk spray is a product by the name of Epoleon. It is an odor neutralizer that counteracts the smell of skunks and many other malodors such as pet urine. This is a product that we stand behind and it is simply one of the best products we have ever used for odor removal. If you have any more questions about skunk removal or skunk odor removal we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

Did You Know? Facts about San Diego’s Skunks

Don’t let skunks mislead you, yes they can be dangerous, but they are also great animals that should not be harmed. It is illegal to own a skunk as a pet in San Diego as well as the state of California. However skunks are allowed as pets in other states. Skunks caught in the wild in California cannot be exported to other states but they can be kept by wildlife rehab facilities in California.

Skunks, despite their reputation, are extremely clean animals, even more clean than cats. Yes, that is right, cleaner than cats. Skunk scent glands can be removed. Obviously you don’t want a skunk walking around ready to spray at any time. Skunks are very playful but however they require a lot of attention from owners, so they are not a pet to be taken lightly.

We are not mentioning all of these skunk facts because we are encouraging you keep a skunk as a pet, actually we would not recommend doing so at all. We want you to know although skunks can be dangerous they are great animals that play a crucial role in our San Diego ecosystem. Skunks should not be harmed for any reason, call an expert skunk removal company like Critter Gitters.

The Critter Gritters Promise

Skunk Removal San Diego

When a skunk takes up residence on or around your property, its stink can leave a lasting odor on your outer walls and doors. Critter Gitters removes skunks quickly, humanely, and professionally, without them ever spraying in the process! Our custom, non-lethal traps prevent the skunk from spraying once captured. The skunk will not be harmed in this process, and that awful smell will be gone!

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