Wild Hog Removal San Diego

Wild Hog Removal San Diego

Wild hogs are increasing in several areas with somewhere between 2-4 million feral pigs in over 30 states.

Without effective control, they will reproduce at alarming levels (up to 10 new pigs per Litter). Under ideal conditions pigs can produce 3 litters per year. So an occasional feral pig picked off by the deer hunter, or caught in a trap is not going to decrease their population enough to maintain control. Even a small number of wild hogs can be very destructive to fences, forests, deer and cause otherwise stable ground to erode.

The wild hog population in San Diego County is increasing at an alarming rate. They are aggressive and very dangerous and should only be removed by professionals.

If you have wild hogs rooting up your lawn, destroying crops, tearing down fences, or any other problems then call Critter Gitters to take care of the problem immediately! Our wild hog removal is professional, safe, and extremely effective.

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