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Attic Restoration Services

Inspection, Restoration & Decontamination

Attic Inspection

The first step of Attic Restoration is inspecting the attic. We go over every inch of your attic space, making note of any problems such as chewed wires, urine marks, feces, nests, damaged air conditioning ducts, and anything that else that could possibly contaminate your home.

Next, we move to the outside of the house and look for any and all possible entry points. We will look up on the roof for any holes that various animals could have gnawed, providing access to your home. When dealing with an infestation, you aren’t just dealing with the pest, but everything that accompanies them including:

  • Parasites
  • Feces
  • Urine
  • Disease

Attic Restoration

At Critter Gitters, we are well known for our attention to detail when restoring your attic. We will take extensive photos and provide you a detailed inspection report. We can also use this inspection report to present our findings to your insurance company. We are happy to deal with your insurance company and can submit our proposal and negotiate with them directly. Call now at 619-820-8993.

San Diego Attic Restoration

At Critter Gitters, our mission is to restore your attic and home to its prior state before the pests moved in. The allergens and oders that can accompany these animals will be removed for your safety and peace of mind. We do recommend removing any contaminated insulation because of the associated health risks. Using only the most cutting edge equipment and techniques available, our professional experts take every precaution when working in your home. Bio-hazard suits and an industrial strength vacuum are both used to safely remove any and all contaminated insulation from within your home.

Attic Decontamination

Using an anti-microbial enzyme, we disinfect every area of your house that animals have been in. This gets rid of everything from diseases to bacteria to allergens and odors. This service also kills fleas and other parasites.

San Diego Attic Insulation

Once our technicians have completed the removal of your house’s contaminated insulation, we will re-insulate with quality insulation material that not only meets but exceeds building code requirements. You don’t even have to leave the building while the work is being performed. We are both careful and thorough and will ensure that all recessed lighting, wiring, and other areas of concern is protected and treated properly. We are a company that prides itself on the trust we’ve established across the San Diego area.

Our experience and expertise is unmatched across San Diego.

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