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Welcome to Critter Gitters page that has all the answer to your questions and problems regarding bed bugs. Critter Gitters is a San Diego based company that offers a wide range of pest control services including bed bug related services. Below you will be able to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about bed bugs. If you feel you may have bed bugs in your home or business, call Critter Gitters. Our team of pest control experts will be able to inspect your property to determine whether or not you have bed bugs in your home. If we locate bed bugs, we will be able to provide pest control services to help get rid of the bed bugs on your property. We look forward to assisting you.

Why Are Bedbugs Becoming a Bigger Problem?

From the 1940’s to 1972 a powerful chemical insecticide called Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (or DDT for short) helped to drastically reduce bedbug populations worldwide. DDT was ultimately banned by the EPA in 1972 due to its harmful effects on people and wildlife. Bed bugs are making a rapid comeback in San Diego and the United States at large. That can be attributed to a lack of effective or strong insecticides. Another factor contributing to their rapid influx is the manner in which we travel now. It is not uncommon for people to travel to other places and stay at someone else’s home through an Airbnb or at a hotel. Bed bugs can be found anywhere humans are. Libraries, buses, trollies, theaters, hotels, schools, and ride share vehicles just to name a few. As our population grows and we are exposed to more shared spaces with other human beings, the likelihood of bed bug infestation becomes greater. Taking your belongings to other locations and then bringing them back into your own home is a common way in which a bed bug infestation starts. Ultimately, the lack of access to proper pesticides and changes in our behavior are responsible for the increase in bed bug infestations.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs have been a nuisance to people for thousands of years. When a bed bug is a full grown adult it is only about 3/16 of an inch long. An adult female bed bug can lay up to several eggs a day. While that might not sound like a lot, a single bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs over their 6-12 month lifecycle. Bed bugs come from small eggs that are as small as a speck of dust. Bed bug eggs are sticky which allows them to adhere to any surface imaginable. The sticky exterior of the eggs is one of the reasons that bed bugs are commonly referred to as hitchhikers. When bed bugs stick to a surface they will travel back to your home or another environment. You may do something as simple as sitting in a chair that has bed bug eggs. Those bed bug eggs then transfer to your clothing and then you take bed bug eggs back to your home.

San Diego Bed Bug Lifecycle

What Do Bed Bugs Eat?

Bed bugs feed off of human blood. They use what looks like a beak to pierce through skin and drink blood. They will continue to feed until they are full. This can take between a few minutes all the way up to ten minutes. Once they are full, they will crawl away to a spot where they can digest their meal. The fact that bed bugs feed off of human blood and we are their only food source can be a bit disturbing. Critter Gitters can help you get off the menu and get the bed bugs out of your property.

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Bed bugs live anywhere humans are located. Since we are their only food source they find us and congregate in the areas where we spend the most time stationary. Bed bugs can fit into a crevice the size of a toothpick. They don’t have nests so they usually linger around our couches, beds, and our box springs.

Can Bed Bugs Give Diseases to People?

Luckily bed bugs are not known to give people diseases. Bed bugs do have pathogens, but there has been no direct evidence of transmission from a bed bug to a human. That being said, the danger with bed bugs comes from their bite itself. Bed bug bites can become infected from being scratched. Infection from bed bug bites is one of the biggest risks associated with bed bugs.

If My House Is Clean, Am I Less Likely to Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs have very little to do with the cleanliness of your home. You can’t clean your home to get rid of bed bugs. If you buy used items such as clothing or furniture you might be unknowingly introducing bed bugs to your home. Bed bugs can easily make their way through walls separating apartments. Bed bugs only care about one thing and that is a food source.

How Can I Tell If I Have Bed Bugs?

Pest control professionals like Critter Gitters will help you locate the areas in which you would commonly find bed bugs. You may see small stains that are rust colored in the creases of your mattress. Those stains are likely the excrement from the bed bugs. You may also find areas that look like dried blood in those crevices. This is from bed bugs that have been crushed between the two surfaces. Even if you do not have signs of bites, that does not mean you don’t have bed bugs.

Can I Have Bed Bugs and Not Have Any Bites?

San Diego Bed Bug RemovalNot all people will have reactions to bed bug bites. Some studies have indicated that up to 30% of people have no visible reaction when they are bitten by bed bugs. Therefore, someone may have a long term bed bug infestation but have no idea there is an issue. Those particular people only realize there is a problem when someone else who reacts to the bed bugs visits their home. They may also realize there is a problem when they discover the excrement or stains from the bed bugs. Elderly individuals are less likely to react to bed bug bites. Other people may react to bites days or even weeks after they are bitten by bed bugs. Both the level of reaction and length until reaction can make pinpointing the location in which you were bitten difficult. Even if you do not react to bed bug bites, it is important to rid your home of bed bugs because they will harm others.

How Can I Tell If a Bite Is From Bed Bugs or Something Else?

It is difficult to distinguish whether or not a bite comes from bed bugs. It is not uncommon for someone to blame another insect for bites that come from bed bugs. Mosquitoes, fleas, and chiggers or often blamed for bites that come from bed bugs. Most bites from fleas, chiggers, and mosquitoes are located from the ankle to the knee. Bed bugs will bite nay surface that is exposed. If you have bites that are located on other parts of your body other than your legs it may be time for a bed bug inspection.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Getting rid of bed bugs is a real challenge. Common pesticides will not get rid of bed bugs. Getting rid of bed bugs is something that is very challenging. Due to the strength of pesticides that are available to the general public, getting rid of bed bugs requires a professional pest control company’s assistance. It is a labor intensive process that requires meticulous attention to detail. If you need assistance with bed bugs in the San Diego area, call Critter Gitters pest control services.

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