Coyote Removal San Diego

Coyote Removal San Diego

Critter Gitters provides humane coyote trapping and removal services across San Diego.

In San Diego, coyotes are turning up in residential neighborhoods more and more as housing developments continue to expand. Coyotes are usually classified as a nuisance due to their predatory habits and scavenging abilities. In certain situations, coyotes can be dangerous, especially when cornered or frightened. In search of food in an urban landscape, they have been known to kill family pets and even attack humans.

San Diego Coyote Removal

There are many options at your disposal for dealing with coyotes in San Diego. Speak to a professional coyote trapping expert at Critter Gitters today at 619-820-8993 and we will be happy to give you all the details.

At Critter Gitters we understand that many people want coyotes to be trapped and removed humanely. Not all animal removal companies can provide methods that ensure the safety of the animal is taken into account. We will remove the nuisance from your property without harming the coyote. Even in the middle of the night, if you need a coyote removed, we have 24/7 Emergency Service available!

Critter Gitters Coyote Removal San Diego

Coyote Misconceptions

Coyote Removal Services San Diego

There are a lot of misconceptions about coyotes. Yes, it is true that they can harm pets and it is best to have them removed. However most times coyotes will only hunt small animals such as mice and rabbits. They also almost always hunt alone and not in packs like most might think. The best way to avoid attracting coyotes is to take measures to deter them.

Do not feed dogs or cats outside at all if it is avoidable even if it is a stray animal. Coyotes are attracted to pet food so if you are trying to help stray animals by feeding them, you may very well be putting them at risk by attracting coyotes. Also make sure you are not leaving any food scraps or trash outside without a lid.

Many of us in San Diego are environmentally conscious too. Some people in San Diego will keep compost piles, which is great for the environment but be mindful of what you are putting in your compost pile. Also if you have an option to keep it covered to make it inaccessible to animals that would be optimal. If you are in San Diego and find that you have a coyote problem we will be more than happy to assist you. Critter Gitters will humanely trap the coyote and remove it from your property to be released.

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