Raccoon Removal San Diego

Raccoon Removal San Diego

Critter Gitters offers professional, fast, & humane raccoon removal services for the whole county of San Diego.

We can solve all of the following raccoon problems:
  • Raccoons in the attic
  • Raccoons tearing up your roof
  • Raccoons living under your house
  • Raccoons eating your Koi fish
  • Raccoons destroying your lawn
  • Raccoons pulling up fresh sod
  • Raccoons attacking your pet
  • Aggressive Raccoons
  • Raccoon in the backyard
  • Raccoon in the house
  • Dead Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Info

Type: Mammal
Diet: Omnivore
Average Lifespan: 2 to 3 Years
Size: About 23-38 Inches
Weight: 4 to 23 lbs
Group Name: Nursery
Size Relative to a 6ft Man:
Raccoon vs Man
Critter Gitters Owner and Baby Raccoons David Bertram Manager at Critter Gitters, holds rescued baby raccoons.

These are just a few of the problems that Raccoons can cause to the San Diego area.

Racoon Control San Diego

Raccoons are nocturnal. They sleep in their dens during the day and become very active at night, hunting for food and water. They are gray and brown creatures with a distinct black mask on their face and rings on their tail. Raccoons can weigh 10-40 pounds depending on age and sex. For protection, raccoons will use their powerful claws and sharp teeth. Raccoons feed on vegetation as well as fruit and meat and anything else that’s edible.

Critter Gitters San Diego Raccoon Removal

Common Raccoon Problems and Damage by Raccoons

Raccoon Under San Diego House

Raccoons under the house in the crawl space, Raccoons under the porch, Raccoons under the shed, and raccoons attacking your dog or cat are the nuisance raccoons that Critter Gitters specializes in removing. Raccoon feces and urine will smell up your house, shed, or porch, and there are many harmful parasites and diseases. Raccoon feces, contains a type of roundworm egg that becomes active within about 14-30 days. These parasite eggs can survive for many years in heat and or cold. Humans can accidently ingest these parasitic eggs though contact with fecal matter. This means you could touch dirt that was in contact with raccoon fecal matter and then later touch your mouth and get the harmful parasite. The roundworm can even be absorbed through your skin! That’s not all the parasite can actually become airborne over time as well. Do not feed raccoons anytime, although they may not attack you directly, their excrement can cause harm to you or your loved ones years after they are no longer around. Raccoons will use the same spot over and over again when doing their business so it is important to safely remove the excrement. You can spray water on the fecal matter so it is not able to become airborne, wearing gloves and preferably a respirator, use a shovel to place it inside a plastic bag and then tie it shut before placing it in a trashcan. The repercussions of improperly ridding your property of or disposing of raccoon fecal matter can cause permanent nerve damage among other serious health risks.

A full grown raccoon can enter your house through the cat or doggie door with ease! They can also enter your home if your chimney is uncapped. At critter Gitters, we can install chimney caps to prevent this problem. Raccoons are animals of opportunity and they will continue to exploit a food source over and over again. Make sure you do not feed pets outside and also make sure you always keep a lid on all trashcans.

A Raccoon in your attic can cause extensive damage! Raccoons will tear up air ducts in the attic, crawl space (raccoon under the home) and wall void. Raccoons will chew on electrical wires in the attic and cause possible fire hazards. Raccoons have been known to viciously attack cats and dogs. Raccoon also love to eat Koi Fish! We have many customers that have lost many Koi fish to raccoons. If you hear loud noises in your attic, chattering noises in your attic, or chattering noises in your walls, then raccoons have invaded your home! Critter Gitters specializes in removing raccoons from your attic.

If you have a raccoon in your chimney, Critter Gitters can get it out safely, quickly, and humanely! Call us at 619-820-8993.

Raccoons And Your Yard

Sod Damage from San Diego Raccoons

Raccoons are known to dig up your lawn, uproot flower beds, and even destroy outside potted plants in search of worms and grubs. Raccoons can cause havoc on a golf course, digging up sod and leaving holes that can cost thousands in damages. This can happen in as short as one night! Raccoons will commonly roll back sod when searching for food. If you find small holes throughout your lawn and flowerbeds, you most likely have raccoons visiting your property in the middle of the night.

Critter Gitters can remove raccoons safely and humanely. Call us now at 619-820-8993.

Threats Raccoons Pose to Pets and People

Angry San Diego Raccoons

We know customers that had their pets put down due to rabid raccoon bites. Raccoons are not aggressive when left alone, but they will defend themselves when they feel threatened or cornered.

Raccoons also carry fleas, thus another reason to get them removed from your property as soon as possible. Raccoons have parasites and diseases thus posing health risks. If they are in or around your home, your health may be affected. These animals should be removed immediately, and should only be removed by Critter Gitters- the only fully licensed and insured company in San Diego.

What Will Critter Gitters Do About This?

San Diego Raccoon Captured Sod

We will quickly, safely, and professionally remove the unwanted raccoons from your property. We can remove the raccoons in your house, garage, shed, porch, or yard. We can also sanitize target areas that were contaminated by raccoon poop and raccoon urine. We always use humane raccoon traps that do not harm the raccoon. If baby raccoons are removed without the mother, we take them to Project Wildlife, where they are reunited with the mother once she’s captured. Critter Gitters San Diego raccoon Control, raccoon trapping, & raccoon removal service is the best in the industry. We strive everyday to raise the standard in the industry of animal removal and damage prevention. Honesty, professionalism, and fast response time is our everyday goal.

Raccoon Proofing Service

We also provide services in which we prevent raccoons from living under your shed, living in your attic, living under your house, and living under your porch. Let us “Raccoon Proof” your home or place of business!

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