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San Diego Spider Pest ControlDo you have an issue with spiders in your San Diego home or business? Critter Gitters is the best company to call for pest control solutions related to spiders. Our team of pest control experts will be able to help you get rid of spiders on your property. We will also be able to advise you on the best methods of preventing spiders from coming back. Call Critter Gitters for pest control services in San Diego. We will put you on our schedule and have one of our pest control specialist show up at a time that is convenient for you. We look forward to working with you and thank you for considering Critter Gitters for your pest control needs.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Spiders?

There is no doubt that spiders are one of the most feared pests in San Diego. If you are scare of spiders, you are not alone. It is estimated that over 6% of all people have arachnophobia (fear of spiders). Spiders in the San Diego area are not only scary for those who have arachnophobia. They are also scary because they have the potential to be dangerous. There are several poisonous species of spiders in San Diego. The Black Widow, the Brown Widow, and the Desert Recluse are all poisonous species of spiders that can be found in the San Diego area. Bites from these spiders are usually not deadly but they can make you extremely ill.

Brown Widows

Brown Widow Spider Removal San DiegoThe Brown Widow spider is not as well known as the Black Widow and is misidentified as a brown recluse. San Diego does not have Brown Recluse spiders although we do have the Desert Recluse which looks similar to the Brown Recluse. The Brown Widow is a variation of the Latrodectus species which is in the same family as the Black Widow. Although the Black Widow spider is more feared, it might surprise you to find out that the venom from a Brown Widow is more poisonous than a Black Widow’s. However, the Brown Widow has less overall venom than a Black Widow. Brown Widows are found more often than Black Widows in the San Diego area because they reproduce at a faster rate. Luckily Brown Widows are slightly less aggressive than Black Widows. People are typically bitten by Brown Widow when they touch then accidentally. If you suspect you may have Brown Widows on your property in San Diego, call Critter Gitters. One of our pest control experts will be able to help you identify the species and give rid of them as well.

Black Widows

San Diego Spider RemovalBlack widows are one of the most feared species of spiders the United States. Not only do they look terrifying, but their venom is incredibly toxic. The Black Widow bite is rarely deadly but is extremely painful. A Black Widow can cause terrible pain for 6-12 hours after it has bitten someone. That pain includes: Fever, chills, nausea, headache, sweating, shock, muscle cramps, back pain, chest pain, stomach pains, vomiting, & more. It comes as no surprise to us that Black Widows are a species of spider that people try to avoid at all costs. It is important to note that not on Black Widows have the distinctive hourglass shape on their underside. Some simply have a pair of red spots while others have no marking at all. If you see a Black Widow it is best to leave it alone. They bite when they are inadvertently touched, grabbed, or startled. They do not specifically seek to bite people, but when they feel threatened or are harmed, they will bite.

Where Do Black and Brown Widows Like to Live?

Black and Brown Widows, along with other species of spiders, prefer to live in the immediate surroundings of a home. You might be asking, “Why do spiders live around houses?” It’s pretty simple actually. Your home has lights on the interior and exterior which attract insects. Those insects are food sources for spiders. Therefore, the spiders will build their nests in the areas near the light on the outside of your house.

Spider Removal San DiegoHow Can I Reduce the Odds of Spiders Staying At My Property?

As we mentioned previously, exterior lights attract insects which then attract spiders. Getting rid of exterior lights on your home or property is not really a feasible option. However, with a little help from nature, you may be able to drastically reduce insect population around your property. Bats are nature’s pest control technicians. If you install quality bat boxes on your property, bats will eat a lot of the same insects that attract spiders such as Black Widows. Both spiders and bats are an important part of the local ecosystem. However, bats pose a much smaller potential risk than the Black or Brown Widow spider.

How Can I Get Rid Of Spiders Quickly and Easily?

Call Critter Gitters. We are a full service wildlife removal and pest control company, serving all of San Diego County. Critter Gitters has the best prices on pest control services in the greater San Diego area. Our experienced team of pest control experts will be able to get rid of unwanted spiders on your property. Call us today to schedule your pest control service call. We look forward to working with you.

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