Wildlife Removal San Diego CA

Do you need a company to assist you with wildlife removal San Diego CA residents? Critter Gitters is the right company to call for all of your wildlife removal needs.

Most times when people call us the first thing they ask is “I was wondering if you remove ________?” Critter Gitters is San Diego’s, wildlife removal expert. We remove any and all types on wildlife. We humanely trap and remove all types of wildlife safely. Your safety and the safety of the animals we are hired to remove are our number one concern. Critter Gitters works hard to ensure that all of the animals we remove are not injured during the removal process. If you need assistance right away with wildlife removal you can call us at 619-820-8993. Below are a few of the animals we specialize in removing.

Skunk Removal – Skunks are never a welcome site to San Diego property owners. We probably get the most calls about skunk removal. San Diego has a large skunk population and as soon as people see them we normally get the call. Skunks are generally docile animals but they should not be approached by anything other than a wildlife removal company. Skunks are one of the largest rabies carriers in the animal kingdom. Skunks only really spray when they are cornered or startled.

Coyote Removal – Coyotes are one of the only predatory animals in San Diego. They are normally only nocturnal animals. If you see a coyote during the day there is a much greater chance that they are carriers of the rabies virus. Coyotes do play an important role in San Diego’s ecosystem. They keep the population of rodents in check. They should not be harmed. Call a wildlife removal service if you feel you have a coyote on or around your property. We will safely remove the coyote and relocate it to a habitat where they can thrive safely. Water shortages in San Diego will continue to attract coyotes to residential neighborhoods. As natural water resources deplete, residential water sources become one of the only water sources for wild animals including coyotes. Keep water sources to a minimum around your home and try to avoid allowing water to pool or collect around your home. This will reduce the odds of having a coyote encroach on your property.

Rat Removal – There is no small rat removal job. If you have rats, you just have rats, and a lot of them. Rats are the worst of the worst in the animal kingdom. No other animal in the animal kingdom has ever spread virus and disease like rats. Fleas will bite rats and then jump onto other animals spreading any diseases they have to other animals. San Diego is a pet loving city. Therefore, San Diego has a large flea population. Keeping rat populations to a minimum will help ensure our pets as well as our own well being. Rats will also chew on almost anything. Rats greatly increase the risk of electrical fires because they chew on electrical wiring frequently. If you are a property owner in San Diego it is your responsibility to have any and all rats removed from your properties to ensure the safety of others.

There are many other types of animals we remove from properties for home owners. If you want a full list of the animals we remove from properties you can click on this link to go to the homepage of our website. You can then open up the services page of our website to see a more conclusive list of animals we specialize in removing from San Diego properties.