Skunk Removal in San Diego

Need skunk removal in San Diego or greater San Diego area? Critter Gitters is the right company to call for all of your skunk removal needs. First of all we want to thank you for visiting our blog on our website. If you want to go to the homepage of our website you can click here. Critter Gitters is a skunk removal expert. You should never attempt to remove or trap on your own for various reasons.

Stay back! Skunks can spray their oily spray up to ten feet. You should never try to corner a skunk whether it is in a building or outside. Skunks are most likely to spray when they are cornered or startled. Skunks have very bad eyesight so if they are startled they are more likely to spray. Critter Gitters has many years of experience dealing with skunks so we are able to accurately read their body language. We also know all of the best practices to avoid getting sprayed. However when we are trapping a skunk we still have the pleasure of getting sprayed by a skunk from time to time. We hope you are able to call us for skunk removal in San Diego before you are sprayed by a skunk. If you do happen to be sprayed by a skunk we have extensive experience getting the skunk smell off of skin as well as clothing. As far as clothing is concerned you should discard all clothing before entering your residence. If you have entered your residence and they have touched anything including your floor you should use the proper skunk cleaning agents to clean all areas where your clothing has touched. It is not worth trying to keep any article of clothing a skunk has sprayed. We use a specialized skunk spray removal compound. It is one of the only things we have found that actually gets the smell off of human skin. All of the home remedies do not really work. Some of the home remedies can help a little but the smell is very prevalent even after using the home remedies for skunk removal. If you need to get rid of the skunk smell after being sprayed we will be happy to help you through the process.

Our company, Critter Gitters, is one of the most well respected skunk removal companies in San Diego. We will not harm a skunk when we are removing it from your property. Skunks are the biggest carrier of the rabies virus be we still handle them with the utmost care and respect. I know it may sound odd but we love skunks and think they are unique animals with a great personality and demeanor. Therefore we always go out of our way to make sure skunks are never injures when we are removing the skunks. We safely relocate skunks far enough away (over 5 miles) to where they will never be able to return to your residence. Critter Gitters also puts them in an environment where they will be able to thrive and survive.

The video at the bottom of the page shows us safely removing a skunk from an auto repair shop. The skunk managed to get its head stuck in the bottom of a yogurt container. This happens more often than you might think so much so that they may want to consider redesigning their packaging. Skunks will smell the yogurt left at the bottom of the container and go in to eat what is left. It is similar to leaving milk in a saucer for a kitten. Skunks are going to go for the yogurt. They can get their heads in easily but getting their heads back out is another story. Many skunks will suffocate this way due to the lack of oxygen that is able to make it into the container once their heads are stuck. If you see a skunk that needs assistance or around your property we are here to help you and protect the skunks too. Critter Gitters hopes that you never have to deal with a skunk in close quarters but we hope to hear from you if you need help with a skunk problem.

Click here to see the video discussed in the article. It shows us removing a skunk that has its head stuck in a yogurt container. We removed it from an auto repair shop. If you want to find out more about our company you can visit the homepage of our website by clicking here.