Wildlife Removal San Diego

Do you need wildlife removal San Diego? You are on the right website. Critter Gitters of San Diego is the best wildlife removal company in San Diego. First of all thank you for visiting our website. Critter Gitters is here for you almost any time of day to answer all of your calls. There are two main things that we focus on as a company, animal safety and customer service. We safely remove animals from homes at a fair price. Our company will remove almost any type of animal. Listed below are some of the types of wildlife removal that we provide. If you want to call us right away you can reach us at 619-820-8993.

Skunk Removal – Skunk removal is one of the most common types of calls we receive in San Diego. There are a lot of reasons skunk calls are one of the most common calls we receive in San Diego. Skunks are feared due to San Diego Wild Hog Removaltheir oily spray. When people see a skunk they call us immediately. Skunks are not necessarily more common than other animals in San Diego, they are just more likely to inhabit areas near our homes. Skunks are clever animals that will not only deter predators with their spray, they will also keep predators at bay by inhabiting areas where their predators will not. Predators of skunks will typically avoid human interaction so when a skunk camps out under your porch or deck it they know they are safe because a predator will be unlikely to common so close to your home. Skunks have poor eyesight so they will sense things as a threat that are not. We recommend making sure all areas like decks and porches are properly sealed underneath so a skunk will not make your home their home.

Rat Removal – A rat is never alone. If you see one rat, you should know that they never live alone. Rats can give birth every two months in San Diego since it has such a warm climate. They don’t usually have just one or San Diego Rat Removaltwo baby rats. They can have between six to twenty babies in each litter. Rats are ready to breed when they are still just babies. That is why rat populations can grow out of control so quickly. Rats can follow other rats just by the oil they leave behind from their fur. Rats are the biggest disease spreading animals on the planet. Rats are not the only problem, the other insects like fleas or ticks that feed on rats are an enormous issue. Fleas and ticks will feed on rats, detach themselves and then later bite other animals and or humans. This allows disease to transfer to humans and other animals. Rats can breach your home through a hole smaller than a quarter. If you see one rat, you have serious issues and should call us immediately.

Snake Removal – Snakes are an important part of the San Diego ecosystem. They keep rodent population in check. Removing a snake may not be necessary if it is not poisonous. You should never approach a snake and you San Diego Snake Removal and Relocationshould always let a professional remove a snake. Baby rattlesnake venom is just as potent as adults but they do not have rattles. Therefore a baby rattlesnake is not as easy to identify as an older rattlesnake. Odds are quite high that if you see one baby rattlesnake on your property there are others nearby including adults. Once rattlesnakes begin to den in an area, snake populations can rise very quickly. If you call us we will safely remove the snake or snakes from your property.

Critter Gitters offers a large amount of other animal removal services including:

  • Pigeon Removal
  • Bobcat Removal
  • Bat Removal
  • Bee Removal
  • Coyote Removal
  • Possum Removal
  • Raccoon Removal
  • and more!

We will continue to discuss other animals on this blog over the next couple of weeks so we can help San Diego residents a better understanding of these animals and keep you safe from harm. Call us if you need wildlife removal. We’d love to speak with you.