Wildlife Removal La Jolla

Critter Gitters is a wildlife removal company that serves all of La Jolla and the greater San Diego area. Critter Gitters is one of the most reputable and affordable humane wildlife removal companies in all of San Diego. Critter Gitters understands the real meaning of customer service. We are here to serve La Jolla and help you with your wildlife removal needs. We want to prove to you that if you need wildlife removal La Jolla that we are the right company to call.

Critter Gitters specializes in almost all types of animal removal. We will discuss some of the many types of animals we specialize in within this article. We are almost always available for emergency animal removal calls. If you need to reach us right away you can reach us at (619) 820-8993

San Diego Wild Hog Removal

Skunk Removal – Skunk removal calls are one of the most common calls that we receive from La Jolla. Few non-predatory animals will send a person running like a skunk and for good reason. Obviously no one wants to deal with the repercussions of startling and getting sprayed by a skunk. Skunks are not likely to attack a human, they are relatively harmless when you do not take into consideration their pungent spray. The only other thing you should be wary of is touching anything that a skunks saliva may have come into contact with since they are one of the largest carriers of the rabies virus. If you are a La Jolla resident and think you may have a skunk problem the best thing you can do is call an experienced skunk removal company such as our company to remove it for you. We will removed the skunk and release it in a safe environment far away from your property.

San Diego Coyote Removal

Coyote Removal – Coyotes are an animal that has historically avoided human interaction. However, La Jolla and the rest of Southern California has been in a drought for quite some time. As droughts impact southern California and natural water resources dwindle for coyotes, more coyotes will move into residential areas in search of water. Many of the food sources that coyotes eat such as rats or mice will move into residential areas as well in search of water. When a coyotes water source and food source are near your home it can bring a coyote right into your backyard. Critter Gitters will safely remove a coyote from your property by trapping them.

Snake Removal – We don’t need to explain to most people the importance of snake removal. If you are not proficient at identifying snakes you should never approach a snake. Southern California has a variety of poisonous snakes that can be deadly. The drought in California is also bringing more snakes into neighborhoods. Snakes eat small rodents like mice and all of the mice are moving into residential areas due to lack of water. Snakes are following their food sources into residential areas. If you see more than one snake within a short period of time, you may have a snake den in your area. Snakes are an important part of the ecosystem, they keep mice and other pest populations in check. You should not attempt to harm a snake or approach it. Critter Gitters will come and trap any snakes you have in your area and relocate them to an area where they can thrive and continue to be beneficial to the animal ecosystem.

San Diego Bee Removal

Bee Removal – Bees are one of the most important parts of the plant and animal kingdom. Bees and bee hives should not be sprayed by pesticides. Without bees plants would not be pollinated and would not be able to thrive. When people locate bee hives, they find them by hearing them and not seeing them. If you have ever located a bee hive you know what we are talking about. All of the bees in a bee hive buzzing together makes a sound that can be as loud as a small engine running. We understand how dangerous bees can be even to someone that does not have a bee allergy. That is why we ask and suggest that you do not disturb the bee hive. If you see a large amount of bees flying in one area, they are probably swarming. Bees swarm when one hive gets too crowded. This is typically when bees will separate to start a new hive. Critter Gitters will come and safely remove a hive of bees so they can continue to thrive out of harms way. If you have bees in La Jolla and need a bee removal company we are the right company to call.

Rat and Mouse Removal – If you see a rat or a mouse in or around your house, you don’t just have one. If you see one, you have a ton. One of the most common places rats or mice will find shelter is in an abandoned or uninhabited home. If there is a home next door that has been on the market for a while and there is no one living there, it is an open invitation to rats and mice. Once someone moved into the home they will call an exterminator or an animal removal company which can send the population of rats and or mice running. Your house may be the next logical stop for rats or mice. Rats and mice are both dangerous because they can carry diseases. However a rat can be much more dangerous because of its ability to attack. A mouse does not have much defense if it is cornered. If a rat is cornered it can jump up to three feet high and four feet in length. Rats, like many wild animals, have the ability to fight their way out of a threatening situation. Up to 30% of all female rats are pregnant. If you see rats around your home, the best time to call an animal removal company is right away. Rats rapid breeding will allow them take over an area very quickly. If you have fruit trees you should clean up any and all fallen fruit so you do not attract rats and or other pests.

San Diego Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal – Raccoons are some of the smartest and craftiest animals you could ever meet. If there is an outside food source, they will find it and exploit it. Raccoons can be dangerous but their feces are the most dangerous thing about raccoons. Raccoon roundworm is in most raccoon fecal matter and it can even become airborne which will allow larvae to enter your system. The round worm can cause serious damage to you, particularly to your central nervous system. Even if a raccoon is not in your home and it is just around your home, the risk of round worm contamination is very real. You should call an animal removal company like Critter Gitters if you have a raccoon around your home. Do not under any circumstance try to remove raccoon fecal matter on your own. It requires specialized protective equipment to remove their fecal matter safely.

Those are just a few of the wildlife removal calls we handle. We handle a lot of other wildlife removal calls such as bobcats, pigeons, bats, gophers, possums, wild hogs and more. If you have any questions you can call us anytime and we will be more than happy to help you. We look forward to hearing from you.