Coyote Removal Company San Diego

Are you looking for a coyote removal company San Diego resident? If you have seen a coyote in your neighborhood you should be looking for a coyote removal company.

Historically speaking, coyotes have not been animals that are dangerous to humans. Coyotes normally hunt small animals such as rabbits, mice, squirrels, or rats. However, with construction on the rise again in San Diego and San Diego Coyote RemovalSouthern California, more and more coyotes are being pushed out of their natural habitat. As they are being pushed out of their natural habitat they are starting to scavenge for food and water resources in new areas. Human and coyote interaction will continue to rise as housing development continues in San Diego. There are some things that you can do to reduce the odds of attracting coyotes. If you do not have your trash can covered or you leave pet food outside, it is an open invitation for coyotes. Try not to make potential food sources readily available. Also when there are long periods of drought, coyotes are more likely to come into your neighborhood. The lack of water in their natural habitat and the abundance of water in residential areas from sprinkler systems and or standing water will bring coyotes a little closer to home. If you want to decrease the odds of a coyote encounter you should do your best to eliminate standing water from your property.

Coyotes are normally fearful animals that will run away from humans and will not approach. They are scavengers that are usually very content with eating small game. However, Coyotes are opportunistic animals that will test limits and boundaries from time to time. Coyotes can become particularly brave when they are in a pack. Pets and small children are the most likely to be attacked by a coyote. Many people do not know they have a coyote in their area until they see it. If you think you have a coyote in your area it is best to call a coyote removal company right away. Coyotes will travel long distances when hunting but they normally come back to their den especially when they have young pups.

In May of 2015 in Irvine there was a three year old girl who was attacked by a coyote in the evening time. The wounds were superficial. However the result could have been much worse. There is really no way of telling how a coyote is going to react in an encounter with a human, especially if it is traveling in a pack. The toddler attacked in Irvine was with her mother when she was attacked. The mother did everything she was supposed to do but the coyote was not deterred. If a coyote approaches, you should never run. If you run or cower the coyote will be much more likely to attack because it is a sign of fear or weakness. The best thing you can do is put your arms out and try to look as large as possible.

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