Skunk Removal Encinitas

Looking for skunk removal Encinitas? Critter Gitters is the best company to call for all of your skunk removal needs. If you need to reach someone right away for skunk removal and do not want to read any more about skunks in the Encinitas area you can call us at 619-820-8993.

San Diego Wild Hog RemovalCritter Gitters seems to be getting more and more calls to come out to Encinitas to do skunk removal work. It is hard to say why skunks are becoming more prevalent in Encinitas. Natural Trails and the golf course in Encinitas do allow natural habitat for skunks to roam somewhat freely. There are also a lot of food sources for skunks in and around Encinitas area. However these two factors alone probably don’t account for all of the skunks have become a more common problem in Encinitas. Most skunk removal companies will release skunks back into the wild and there is no way to know where they are releasing the skunks. It is possible that a skunk removal company is humanely releasing skunks around the Encinitas area which is causing an increase in skunk population. The skunks most common in Encinitas only have a lifespan of around 4 years. So with the most recent influx of skunk calls we have received it is likely that skunks have been relocated to Encinitas area and those skunks have reproduced. We always safely remove skunks and we relocate skunks to an area where they can thrive without a large amount of human interaction. Skunks will travel up to five miles to return to their natural habitat so if a skunk removal company is not releasing skunks far enough away they will return back to the same location.

There are things you can do to keep skunks from inhabiting areas around your house. The first thing you should so is to remove any trash that skunks could be able to access. You should also eliminate any outside food sources such as pet food. Skunks will eat fruit from time to time. Fruit is not the first thing skunks will eat, but if it is readily available it is something that they will most definitely eat. It is best to pick up all fruit that has fallen on the ground because it is easy for skunks to eat. If you pick fruit up that has been in contact with a skunks saliva you should be aware that they are large carriers of the rabies virus. Just coming in contact with skunk saliva can allow you to contract the rabies easily. You should try to close off all areas under your home such as a porch. Skunks seem to favor areas under porches as it keeps them in the shade and potential predators tend to avoid homes.

If you need skunk removal Encinitas, call us today and we will be more than happy to help you with all of your skunk removal needs.